Onyx Solar is a pioneer in the development of a photovoltaic kit that enables outdoor furniture to generate clean, free energy from the sun. In this way, tables, canopies, benches, poles, floors and other furniture become solar chargers for users to feed their electronic devices. Convenience and environment meet at our coffee tables.



The photovoltaic kit developed by Onyx Solar consists of a photovoltaic glass module and the electrical equipment needed for the connection of electronic devices (mobile telephones, laptop computers, tablets, etc.) via a USB port. It also comes with a battery to store electricity and use it whenever needed.


mesa mobiliario fotovoltaico onyxsolar

Photovoltaic kit by Onyx Solar

mesa noche mobiliario fotovoltaico onyxsolar

Backlit Photovoltaic Furniture


The PV glass provided with our kits can be made either using amorphous Silicon  and crystalline Silicon cells. If made of amorphous Silicon, it is ideal for overcast conditions.



This kit is available in different dimensions and it comes in a variety of colors, enabling designers to integrate it in the most aesthetically suited manner in all types of furniture.



mobiliario fotovoltaico onyxsolar

USB charger in table thanks to photovoltaic kit.


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