A photovoltaic carport system offers energy generation, sun protection and shelter for cars and vehicles. Depending on the type of carport system, the electricity yielded can be consumed in different ways: self-consumption to charge electric cars and bikes, courtesy lighting, ad-box illumination, back-up systems, as well as injection to the grid.


Design options are almost unlimited: one, two or multiple slopes, different tilts and orientations, multiple glass design options (silk-screening, ceramic frits, colors, etc.)


Photovoltaic glass on carports can be supported using a variety of structural systems, including point-supported systems, U channels and skylight-like structures.



Photovoltaic carport systems provide shade and shelter for those days with extreme heat or rain. This, coupled with its energy generation properties and harmful radiation filter, turn it into an ideal constructive solution to protect vehicles.


Onyx Solar customizes all its photovoltaic glass in accordance to building codes and architectural specifications. Depending on the carport’s structural design (slopes, tilts, cantilevers…) we work together with the design team in providing the most robust glass design possible. Structural calculations must be carried out to verify code compliance, and we help our customers understand the performance and technical specs of our PV Glass.


We have installed our photovoltaic glass in diverse projects across the world. Among these projects, the Bay Area Rapid Transit Station of Union City’s Canopy is a great example. Also, Terina Mediterranean Foundation and Patras Scientific Park are nice references for Photovoltaic carport systems.

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